June 15, 2024

AMMAN — Mastering porcelain, local artisan Manal Kawasmi creates original, decorative pieces for homes. In 2007, she founded her business, Unique Handmade Arts, to create lines of colorful dinnerware, plates, vases, and mugs, among other home decor items. اضافة اعلان

 Kawasmi said in an interview with Jordan News that at the beginning, she took up home decor as a hobby, not a craft, to make use of her leisure time.
“One year, during the holy month of Ramadan, I decorated my house with my products,” she said. “When people started asking where I bought the decoration pieces from, I considered creating handmade products and started developing my ideas.”

(Photos: Handouts from Manal Kawasmi)

 The main ingredient in her work, according to the artisan, is soft clay, which, when combined with porcelain stone and is fired at extremely high temperatures, produces a hard and shiny material.

“I work with a team of designers and calligraphers, and the process of production goes through more than one step until we reach the final product,” Kawasmi said.

 She added that all materials and tools used in the production process are food-safe and chemical-free. Additionally, her team uses safe painting pigments to decorate the pieces and later apply clear glazes on top. 

(Photos: Handouts from Manal Kawasmi)

 “The design process takes a lot of time and effort. I take into account what designs people prefer in order to create unique decorative pieces,” she said.
 The artisan likes to test her designs before putting them up for sale. She said she hangs them in her own house to determine whether they remain striking over time or lose their “spirit”. 

 And according to Kawasmi, the color of the plate can change the mood of a given space and give the table setting a creative touch. 
“Colors that are both relaxing and bright give the home positive energy,” she said.

Kawasmi’s art is displayed on a wall in this undated photo. (Photos: Handouts from Manal Kawasmi)

One of her most popular sets, the breakfast plate collection, dons Arabic calligraphy motifs with a colorful twist.
 “I keep up to date with home design trends and work on coordinating colors to suit different tastes,” said Kawasmi. 

 She creates high-quality, handcrafted crockery and home decor pieces that are appropriate for all households. Her porcelain plate bowls, for example, are suitable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with family and friends at home or in a restaurant.

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, people became more interested in buying her products, she said. Even though the Greater Amman Municipality provided local artisans like Kawasmi with spaces to display their products in Al-Hussein Public Parks, they were forced to close them during COVID, posing yet another challenge for her. 

(Photos: Handouts from Manal Kawasmi)

Nonetheless, she told Jordan News, Kawasmi showcased her products at Souk Jara, a market in Amman, located next to Rainbow Street in Jabal Amman, that brings local artisans together.

“Souk Jara was one of the first people to support me, and I had a great experience with them,” she said. 

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