May 21, 2024

In the run-up to the world’s largest design festival, Milan Design Week 2024 (April 15 – 21), STIR steps away from its primary focus as media partner with the design-led districts, to bring you an art-led list of the very best events and exhibitions from across the city of Milan, Italy.

Art shows under the Isola Design Festival

Sculpture made by students of the Aut Academy, Wood, Stefano Rossetti and students of the Aut Academy | All Aut | STIRworld
Sculpture made by students of the Aut Academy, Wood, Stefano Rossetti and students of the Aut Academy Image: Courtesy of Stefano Rossetti studio and Aut Academy

‘All Aut’ by Stefano Rossetti

At Via Guglielmo Pepe 32

Artist and designer Stefano Rossetti will open the doors to his studio during the Design Week. Nestled in the trendy and vibrant Isola district, Rossetti’s studio will showcase several artworks and art objects, alongside works by students of the Aut Academy.

Rossetti creates quirky, playful work across a variety of mediums such as printmaking, sculpture and installation art.

‘Curiosity’ by Myriam Kühne-Rauner

At Via Angelo Della Pergola 1

The art exhibition Curiosity–also in Isola during the design fair–will be held at the art and design space Angelo Della Pergola 1, where artist and designer Myriam Kühne-Rauner will present sculpture art.

Kühne-Rauner’s works are understated and often combine mirror elements with wood, steel and other industrial materials.

‘Walk on Art’ featuring Luciano Bellet

At II Santa Milano

The district will also see restaurant II Santa Milano show works by Italian artist Luciano Bellet for Walk on Art, including two artist dinners on April 17 and 18.

Bellet is world famous for his “dripping by subtraction” technique, which sees him drip paint onto his canvas in a manner reminiscent of Jackson Pollock, before treating it with heat.

‘Le Veggenti’, 2023, Oil on linen, Alessandro Sicioldr | STIRworld
Le Veggenti, 2023, Oil on linen, Alessandro Sicioldr Image: Courtesy of Primo Marella Gallery

Primo Marella Gallery shows Alessandro Sicioldr

At Via Valtelina

The nearby Primo Marella Gallery will present a solo exhibition of works by Italian surrealist painter Alessandro Sicioldr.

Sicioldr’s practice displays a strong focus on the unconscious mind, which the artist explores through a style heavily inspired by Surrealism and Mannerism.

Art shows part of the 5VIE Design Week

‘Exhibition view at SWING Design Gallery, Rome’, 2023, Ceramic, Massimiliano Pipolo | WATERS | STIRworld
Exhibition view at SWING Design Gallery, Rome, 2023, Ceramic, Massimiliano Pipolo Image: Photo Eller Studio; Courtesy of Swing Gallery

‘WATERS’ by Swing Gallery

At 5VIE Headquarters, Palazzo Litta

SWING Design Gallery presents WATERS, a solo show by the Italian ceramicist Massimiliano Pipolo, as part of the 5VIE Design Week, with large-scale site-specific sculptures and ceramic works.

Pipolo takes inspiration from the manner in which water flows and interacts with light, and the works in this collection feel as though the ceramicist has managed to capture and preserve liquid mid-movement.

‘Close the Door’, 2019, Lacquered epoxy resin, acrylic, Sandro Gorra | B10/Mirabilia | STIRworld
Close the Door, 2019, Lacquered epoxy resin, acrylic, Sandro Gorra Image: Courtesy of Sandro Gorra

‘B10/Mirabilia’ by Sandro Gorra

At Piazza Borromeo 10

5VIE Design Week also includes a solo show by Italian artist and marketing legend Sandro Gorra, as part of the B10/Mirabilia exhibition in the new B10 space.

The show is curated by Olimpia Rospigliosi and will include works from the artist’s The art of the moment series. The series compiles Gorra’s illustrations and sculptures portraying people and animals caught “in the moment”, and presents his humorous side.

Art shows at the Porta Venezia Design District

‘Untitled’ | Gardening Asian Art Exhibition | STIRworld
Untitled, Gardening, Asian Art Exhibition Image: Courtesy of HeriArt Association

‘Gardening’, Asian Art Exhibition by HeriArt Association

At Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art, Via Lodovico Settala 56

Visitors to the Porta Venezia Design District can look forward to the Asian Art Exhibition, Gardening, held by the HeriArt Association.

The exhibition combines art, design and digital technology with Asian culture and Eastern philosophy, to explore the relationship between humankind and nature.

‘©IVAN PRIETO-Ruído’, 2024, Iván Prieto | Iván Prieto. Silente | STIRworld
©IVAN PRIETO-Ruído, 2024, Iván Prieto Image: Courtesy of Matria Gallery

‘Iván Prieto. Silente’ by Iván Prieto

At Matria Gallery, Via Melzo 34

Also in Porta Venezia is the exhibition Iván Prieto. Silente, on display at Matria Gallery. This is the first solo exhibition by Spanish artist Iván Prieto, who presents surrealistic sculptures of human-animal hybrids.

Prieto’s work explores the imperfections inherent in being human and can be quite disconcerting to engage with. Beyond his sculpture art, the artist also undertakes illustration and installation work.

Art shows during the Tortona Design Week

Solo exhibition by The Prism

At Prism Core Center, Piazza Napoli

The Italian artist Stefano Simontacchi, who goes by ‘The Prism’, will be showing a solo exhibition at his artspace, Prism Core Center. The exhibition will be curated by the writer Marco Senaldi.

The centre is an art space filled with works by the artist, which are meant to act as points of spiritual focus. Simontacchi believes that contemplating these pieces will prompt audiences to rediscover archetypes within themselves and to find moments of peace amidst the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

‘©Tortona Rocks-NOROO’, 2024, Okuda San Miguel | Hong Chul Wonderland | STIRworld
©Tortona Rocks-NOROO, 2024, Okuda San Miguel Image: Courtesy of NOROO

NOROO’s ‘Hong Chul Wonderland’ project, featuring Okuda San Miguel

At Officina 31, Piazza Duomo

Additionally, the Tortona events space Officina 31 will host Korean paint giant NOROO’s Hong Chul Wonderland project, in collaboration with Spanish street artist Okuda San Miguel.

The collaboration will see Miguel use colours picked by NOROO to create a unique, large-scale work within the space.

These are just some of the art exhibitions and events that STIR at Milan Design Week 2024 thinks would be exciting diversions for design lovers. With such a wide variety of practices to explore, Milan will certainly have something for everyone, well beyond its design focus.

Stay tuned with STIR’s coverage of Milan Design Week 2024 which showcases the best of exhibitions, studios, designers, installations, brands and events to look out for. Explore EuroCucina and all the design districts—Fuorisalone, 5vie Design Week, Isola Design Week, Brera Design District and Porta Venezia Design District.


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