June 15, 2024

MIAMI (WSVN) – A Miami pizzeria is back in business after it caught on fire.

Square Pie City Pizza, located in the Design District, went up in flames on Tuesday and suffered severe damage.

Three days later, while the Miami restaurant is rebuilding, customers can still get their fix at their pop-up, which opened in Wynwood late Friday afternoon.

The pizzeria’s owner, Jeremiah Bullfrog, spoke with 7News earlier in the day.

“I mean, amazing story, right? Like Tuesday, we were talking at, like, 6 p.m., you know, ‘The pizzeria just burned down,’” he said.

On Tuesday, celebrity chef Bullfrog woke up to the news that his shop was in flames.

“Our Design District location is just out of commission,” he said.

The owner said some of his good friends quickly reached out to help.

“I called him frantic. I’m like, ‘Are you OK? What’s going on? Do you need anything?’ He’s like, ‘I’m fine. It’s just, place is just destroyed,’” said Amaris Jones.

Jones and Bullfrog have been friends for a long time.

“He worked for Rick Ross, he was his personal chef many years ago, and so was I,” said Jones.

Jones said, when she got the call that the shop had been destroyed by flames, she knew how to help.

“I just opened Chick’N Jones three days ago, and I said, ‘Listen, there’s a pizza shop right next door to me. If you need storage, let’s just do it. Let’s make it happen,’” said Jones. “That day, we started moving things out.”

The friends said it was record timing for a restaurant reopening.

“That’s like impossible. Like, that never happens,” said Jones.

But the impossible became possible.

Square Pie City has temporarily moved into an old Brooklyn-style pizza shop where their Detroit’s finest pie will be made.

“We’re gonna be able to serve, you know, our community tonight, which is amazing for us,” said Bullfrog.

The temporary pop-up shop opened at 5 p.m. at FREEHOLD Studios in Wynwood.

“We’re a scrappy startup pizzeria. You know, we’re a family-run operation and we’re kind of going back to our roots right now,” said Bullfrog. “We’re popping up again. We were on the streets to begin with, and here we are, again. It’s full circle.”

Customers really enjoyed that the pop-up opened up after the fire destroyed the first establishment.

“To be able to have something that you think you’re gonna miss and then get it back so quickly, it’s like the perfect scenario for me as a customer,” said Dustin Sher.

7News tried out the new pop-up shop’s pizza, and it was amazing.

“It’s still a little hot, it just came out of the oven. Let’s give it a go. That’s good stuff!” said 7News reporter Gail Levy.

Other customers arrived at the pop-up shop for the first time to try the pizza out.

“We actually saw it on the news, and we thought it looked pretty good, so we came out,” said Lennox Ramos.

“I loved it! ‘Cause like the sauce was like the extra topping! It was just so good!” said Bentley Ramos.

“It was delicious,” said a fourth customer.

The pizza had no lack of cheese, no lack of sauce and no lack of determination, as the owner hopes to keep popping out pizza.

The owner of the restaurant is not sure whether or not it will be possible to reopen their previous location.

The pop-up shop is set to remain open throughout the weekend as long as they don’t run out.

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