May 21, 2024
Qatar zbyte NFT Ticket

Blockchain NFT Tickets in Qatar

Doha Design District brings cutting-edge technology to Qatar leveraging NFTs for event tickets

DOHA, QATAR, May 6, 2024 / — In a groundbreaking development, zbyte, the leader in blockchain technology, has collaborated with Doha Design District to introduce a pioneering NFT ticketing system for the upcoming TEFFA AI R evolution (Technology Education Finance Fashion & Art) event returning to Msheireb Downtown Doha for its second edition from 6-8 May, 2024. This innovative deployment sets a new standard in the event industry by leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance attendee experiences.

A New Era of Ticketing: NFTs Meet Fashion and Art

Doha Design District, renowned for its commitment to merging the domains of fashion, art, and technology, has adopted zbyte’s blockchain platform to mint NFT tickets. It simplifies the ticketing process and adds a layer of security and exclusivity, transforming each ticket into a unique digital collectible. The ease of minting NFTs through zbyte’s platform demonstrates a significant leap towards digital innovation in Qatar.

Qatar’s Embrace of Blockchain Technology

Qatar has shown great enthusiasm and leadership in adopting blockchain technology, seeing it as a key driver for future innovations and digital transformation. This event marks a significant milestone in Qatar’s journey towards becoming a hub for technological advancements, particularly in creative industries like fashion and art.

Qatar is cultivating a strategic blend of design, art, technology, and innovation to position Doha as a central hub of the creative economy. This initiative is driven by a vision to diversify the economy and enhance its cultural footprint globally. By investing in infrastructure that supports the convergence of these fields, Qatar aims to attract creatives and technologists from around the world, building a dynamic ecosystem where innovation thrives. This commitment is showcased through initiatives such as Doha Design District, which serves as a hub for talented designers across the region, and is a vibrant platform for creative and technological fusion, propelling Doha into the future as a leader in the global creative economy.

Shaikha al Sulaiti, Senior Design Manager Doha Design District, expressed her excitement about this partnership: “We are thrilled to sponsor an event that not only showcases the rich culture of Qatar but also embraces such transformative technology. This collaboration with zbyte and TEFFA is just the beginning of our journey towards integrating more digital solutions in creative domains.”

A Growing Partnership

The collaboration between zbyte, TEFFA AI R evolution, and Doha Design District is expected to set the stage for future technological integrations that could redefine the event management and attendee engagement industries.

Nitin Kumar, Co-founder of zbyte, shared his vision for the technology’s impact: “Our partnership with Doha Design District and TEFFA AI R evolution is a testament to the potential of blockchain technology in making a tangible impact. By simplifying the minting of NFT tickets, we are setting a new paradigm for events that enhances security, attendee engagement, and the overall event experience. We are excited to see how Qatar embraces this technology and look forward to expanding our innovative solutions further.”

About zbyte

zbyte is a trailblazer in the Web3 domain, offering a decentralized platform (dPlat) that streamlines the creation of dApps. By removing the complexities of wallet management and enterprise connectors, zbyte enables developers and enterprises to build on existing protocols through its low-code/no-code platform. The zbyte dApp store further fosters a thriving ecosystem of developers and users by allowing the upload of dPlat-enabled dApps that leverage the public blockchain.


The Doha Design District is a dynamic and innovative community, where anyone interested in design can meet and be mutually inspired. First launched in 2021 as an integrated part of Msheireb Downtown Doha’s urban revitalisation project, the Doha Design District is a world-class destination that is a key part of Doha’s social fabric that supports designers, students, entrepreneurs, and those with a passion for design. The District features a mix of studios, galleries, boutiques, and creative workshops and will soon open a materials library, a culinary institute, and a makers’ space for creatives.

Through partnerships with other creative hubs, academic and corporate partners, as well as its own diverse range of workshops, exhibitions, and interactive experiences, DDD plays a pivotal role in positioning Doha as a regional design and artistic hub.

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